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There are many different ways to get involved in the Touch Football community.

Touch Football Australia has partnered with etrainu to deliver our online learning management system, The Nest. Over at The Nest you’ll find online education and resources for coaching and refereeing, as well as player education


Referees play a vital role in Touch Football, ensuring our game is played in a fair, safe and enjoyable environment for all participants. Becoming an accredited referee is an important step in ensuring that you are equipped with the knowledge of the Rules of the game, but also the latest on-field game information, and skills to manage and create a safe and enjoyable environment for all. It is also a great way to remain fit and active and participate in our game.

Touch Football Australia has a six-tier accreditation system – as per the TFA Sports Education Framework

  • Foundation (Level 1 Referee) – Duration: 4 Hours, Age of entry – 12 years of age
  • Talent (Level 2 Referee) – Duration: 4.5 Hours, Age of entry – 13 years of age (minimum 6 months Level 1)
  • Talent (Level 3 Referee) – Duration: 4.5 Hours, Age entry13 years of age (minimum 12 months level 2)
  • Elite (Level 4 Referee) – Duration: N/A, Age of entry14 years of age (minimum 12 months level 3)
  • Elite (Level 5 Referee) – Duration: N/A, Age of entry15 years of age (minimum 12 months level 4)
  • Mastery (Level 6 Referee) – Duration: N/A, Age of entry -16 years of age (minimum 12 months level 5)


Coaches play a vital role in Touch Football, fostering the development of our athletes both on and off the field. Becoming an accredited coach is an important step in ensuring that you are providing a quality service to the participants you are working with.

Touch Football Australia has a four-tier accreditation system – as per the TFA Sports Education Framework.

  • Foundation Coach: Duration – 3 Hour Workshop, Age of entry – 14 years of age.
  • Talent Coach: Duration – 8 Hour Workshop, Age of entry – 15 years of age (minimum 6 months Foundation Accredited).
  • Elite Coach: Duration – 16 Hour Workshop, Age of entry – 16 years of age (minimum 12 months Talent Accredited).
  • Mastery Coach: Currently under development.

Please note: Coach Accreditation lasts for a period of four years, after which Updating your Accreditation is required.

As of January 1, 2020 all Coaching Courses will be administered through “The Nest”.

All participants must now register via the and create a personal profile.

  • Click foundation coach and pay online
  • Paying online does not mean you are registered into a course
  • Complete all online theory i.e. – ASC and work book
  • Once completed click into a course via the calendar
  • If there are no courses available please check back for updated courses – register here now
  • You cannot book into a face to face without completing all theory prior


Volunteers are vital to the successful running of any Touch Football Association. Often many volunteers feel their dedication and commitment goes unrecognised. This lack of appreciation is a key consideration for clubs who want to recruit and retain good volunteers.

Along with a poor reputation, today’s busy lifestyles suggest that people are often unaware of volunteer opportunities within their club or local community and the surprising benefits the role provides if managed well by the club.

The following links are to information that will help you recruit, manage, support and value your club’s volunteers;

  • – provides resources for volunteers, organisations and business.
  • Go Volunteer – a national volunteer recruitment website that provides free advertising for not-for-profit community organisations looking for volunteers. An initiative of Volunteering Australia.
  • ASC – Participating in sport – Volunteers – The Australian Sports Commission offers sports a range of modules and support in volunteer recruiting, retaining and management.

NSW Touch Football Event Volunteering

NSW Touch Football conducts events for Affiliated Clubs and Regions, offering competition for the states most talented players, coaches, referees and administrators.

Following on from the success of the previous events, we’re going to need your help again. So, if you’re not planning on participating, why not volunteer? It’s another terrific way to get involved without missing out on all the fun!

Volunteers are extremely important and are an integral part to any sporting competition or tournament. There is no way this massive event could be staged without the involvement of volunteers.

Reasons to get involved:

  • Being part of the event and supporting the sport
  • Helping put smiles on the faces of participants
  • Meeting lots of interesting people
  • To extent current or learn new skills
  • To gain experience in sporting events and tournaments University Students

Are you currently studying and need to complete a large amount of volunteer hours or practical experience? Volunteering for our events is a great opportunity for you!

In just one weekend you can knock off plenty of your required hours whilst experiencing one of the biggest sporting events in the state. Add it to your CV and this could also help you in finding future employment.

Want to find out more?

Whether you can only help for a couple of hours, a day or the whole weekend, we need your help! We have a number of positions to be filled and we can suit it to your availability.

For more information contact NSWTA;

Phone: +612 9558 9333 



Wanting to get involved as a player there are many levels you could participate in from grass roots park level to a national level in Australia. Touch football is one of the only sports where you could play with and alongside 3 different generations in your family ages ranging from under 8’s through to over 60’s from social to elite, women’s, men’s or even mixed. It’s your choice to be active and have fun while doing it.

Registering for Touch has never been easier using MySideline. You can register by searching for our association by name or postcode. 

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